There is still no conclusion in the murder trial of Ray Tensing, a former University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot Sam Dubose in 2015. After six days of testimony and one day of closing arguments, the jury was deadlocked and forced  Judge Leslie Ghiz to declare a second mistrial, according to WCPO.

The second trial was almost an exact clone of the first, outside of a change in Tensing’s testimony. Tensing now claims that Dubose pinned his arm in his car and attempted to speed off, which prompted him to open fire.

In the first trial, four jurors wanted to convict Tensing of murder, four wanted a manslaughter conviction and four thought he was innocent. The breakdown of this trial’s jury hasn’t been made public yet as Judge Ghiz has sealed the records.

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Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is expected to comment on the future of the case sometime this week. Meanwhile, Dubose’s family is understandably frustrated by the lack of closure.

“The family commends the prosecutors for their strong presentation in this case but we are outraged that a second jury has now failed to convict Ray Tensing for the murder of our beloved Sam DuBose,” the family said in a statement distributed by their attorney, Al Gerhardstein. “We demand another retrial. We call on the community to join us in peaceful protest of this unjust result.”