Even with all of the fears a parent faces while raising their children, worrying about them being body slammed by a teacher – multiple times – likely isn’t one. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Montravious Thomas, 13, who had to have his right leg amputated below the knee because of injuries he suffered during the incident. 

A teacher was reportedly trying to keep Thomas from going to the administrative office on Sept. 12 to ask his mother to take him home after his first day Muscogee County School District’s AIM program, which is an alternative program for students who have been taken out of their assigned schools due to behavioral issues, according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

That’s when a teacher grabbed Thomas and slammed him to the ground. He reportedly did so once more when he tried to leave the room again later. It’s unclear just how many times Thomas was slammed, but it’s clear that school officials witnessed at least part of the incident and did nothing more than cry the limping teen to a school bus at the end of the day.

Thomas has been in the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta at Egleston ever since that day. Doctors claim that he lost feeling in his foot as a result of a vein being served by his broken tibia, thus cutting off his circulation. They attempted to operate and turn an artery into a vein to restore blood flow, but failed. As a result, Thomas’ leg was amputated on Tuesday night.

“He’s doing OK, as much as can be expected,” said Renee Tucker, family’s attorney. “He was emotional, of course, yesterday and last night. Today, he’s a little better. He’s still coping.

“Egleston has done a pretty good job, and he’s getting the idea of a prosthetic in his mind. They’re sending counselors by and showing him pictures of kids still being active (with a prosthetic leg). So he’s getting used to the idea, but it’s still emotional for him. He doesn’t want anyone to look at his leg.”

While no charges have been charged against Bryant Mosley, the behavioral specialist who tackled Thomas. But Tucker has announced plans to press charges against both the school and Mosley.

Photo Credit: Twitter