This study illustrates what many black college students already know to be true: discrimination exists on campus.

From Huffington Post:

Diversity on college campuses has increased, but women and minorities still face prejudice and discrimination, a new study from the Harvard University Voices of Diversity project found. This discrimination, often manifested in what are called “microaggressions,” creates unwelcoming environments and can be detrimental to academic performance, the study says.

“It’s clear that it doesn’t matter if it’s a public or private college, doesn’t matter how big the school is, doesn’t matter where it’s located geographically,” Paula Caplan, the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post. “From a public university in the Deep South to an Ivy League university, we’re finding the same thing.”

The study’s researchers conducted interviews and surveys with students on four different campuses. Only one — Missouri State University — offered to be named. The others were referred to as Midwest University, Southern Regional State University and Ivy University (all pseudonyms).

Students at each school reported instances of discrimination, and the study includes a collection of these stories.

“Some white guy stepped on my foot … and yelled at me and told me to go back to my country. And then I was thinking, ‘Oh wait, this is my country, I was born here,'” Sang, an Asian-American senior, said in the report.

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Photo: Macalester College