A new University of Delaware study has found that those who are in support of voter ID laws also tend to “harbor negative sentiments towards African Americans.”

Researchers at the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication weren’t surprised to find that most Republicans and conservatives were in favor of voter ID laws—regardless of how they measured on the “racial resentment” scale used in the study. The shocker came when Democrats and liberals who rated highest on the racial resentment scale also indicated support for voter ID laws.


How likely one is to possess or be able to acquire a specific form of voter ID is also affected by race. The Brennan Center released a report illustrating, among other challenges to obtaining identification, the lack of overlap between offices that issue valid voter IDs and high populations of people of color. More than one million blacks and half-a-million Latinos live more than 10 miles away from such offices.

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Indeed, the idea that those who identify as liberal may also express “racial resentment” may be surprising.


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