Does racism make one obese? Researchers at Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Centre think so.

From Daily Mail:

Scientists found that women who were more frequently victimised for their race, were more likely to be obese.

The study, by Slone Epidemiology Centre at Boston University, found the relationship between racism and obesity was strongest among women who reported consistently high experience of racism over a 12 year period.

The research was based on the Black Women’s Health Study, which enrolled 59,000 African-American women in 1995 and has followed them since.

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Rates of obesity in the U.S. have risen rapidly over the past few decades, with the greatest increases being seen in black women, half of whom are currently classified as obese.

Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and orthopaedic problems are just a few complications that can be trigger by obesity. Scientists concluded that racism is a form of psychosocial stress disproportionately experienced by black people.

Data suggest that by being chronically exposed to stress, dyregulation of important neuroendocrine functions which can influence body fat accumulation happen as a result. 

Yet another way that racism negatively impacts the black community.

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