Aunt of mother arrested for leaving kids in car during interview says ‘she was too proud to ask for help’

The family of a mother who faces jail time and the possibility of losing her children after leaving them in a warm car during a job interview says she “was too proud to ask for help”.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Shanesha Taylor’s great aunt Henrietta Grant said she wished Taylor would’ve asked her to watch them. 

Video: Homeless man handed $1,000 lottery ticket, wants to share winnings with others


You’re about to witness the exact definition of the phrase “pay it forward.” Comedian Magic of Rahat executed the ultimate act of kindness. Earlier this week, the internet entertainer decided to give a homeless man a winning lottery ticket.


From the looks of the video Rahat had no idea what the amount for the ticket was, and accompanied the unsuspecting man to the convenience store to find out.