Social Media Raises Awareness of HIV Testing Among African American Young Adults


By: Melissa Shaw

A groundbreaking research project launched by the University of California in Los Angeles has found that Facebook can be a highly effective tool in encouraging young African Americans to talk candidly about sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of regular testing. While some may have initially doubted the acceptability of using Facebook to discuss such personal topics, researchers discovered that the participants in the study were not only open to discussing these sensitive matters, but the online dialogue convinced many to get themselves tested for HIV and other STDs.

New report reveals that credit card debt is worse for African Americans

credit card

You can find them everywhere. On college campuses. In the mail. Creditors are practically handing out credit cards to anyone with a social security number, and while the piece of plastic seems like a quick way to make purchases and pay off bills, they do more harm than good. Especially for African Americans.

A study co-authored by Demos and the NAACP reveals that African Americans are hit the hardest by credit card debt.