According to a recent study, the opinions of Americans about race relations in the country are deeply divided.

A new survey released by the Emerson College Polling Society finds that 61 percent of African-Americans believe race relations are worse than they previously were in the U.S. 

From CBS News:

As a whole, 44 percent of poll respondents said race relations are not getting better, with 41 percent of Caucasians and 42 percent of Hispanics holding the same view.

The survey, conducted from Jan. 29-31 with 958 registered voters, finds that Americans are split on whether or not minority groups have the same opportunities available to them as Caucasians. Overall, 27 percent said they believe minority groups have more opportunities. However, more than half (53 percent) of African-Americans believe that minority groups have fewer opportunities. About 39 percent of Hispanics and 27 percent of Caucasians agreed that minorities are not on an equal playing field.

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The poll collected information on a wide range of race-related issues in society such as: bias against minorities in the justice system. In total, 46 percent of those surveyed said they believe the country’s justice system is biased against minorities, 34 percent (yes), 1 in five (not sure).

69 percent of African-Americans reported belief in the justice system being biased against minorities, compared to 49 percent of white.

Have race-relations in America improved? Or are we worse off than the past 20 years?

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