During his campaign, President Trump was highly critical of the effectiveness of the United Nations and hinted that he’d be open to the United States potentially leaving the worldwide organization. A new bill has been introduced in Congress that could actually grant his wish, if passed.

Washington Senator Wants To Make ‘Illegal Protests’ A Felony

What, exactly, is “illegal protest”? No one truly knows despite all of the government officials who think they do. This is why a Washington state senator’s latest attempt to make his interpretation of “illegal protests” worth a felony is such a major concern.

Senator Doug Ericksen plans to propose a bill in the state senate that will work to end what he considers to be “illegal protests.” Ericksen, who is Republican and campaigned for Donald Trump, looks to have the bill ready for the next legislative session, according to the Bellingham Herald.

President Obama Signs Bill Removing “Negro” And “Oriental” From Federal Laws

As society moves forward, terms that were considered appropriate and politically correct grow obsolete. That’s simply a sign of the advancement of culture. While laws made today will most likely reflect contemporary cultural thought, the same can’t be said for the laws of old.

To make sure that laws that were ratified years ago are still applicable and aren’t offensive to any involved parties, President Obama has signed a bill to strike out a list of outdated terms such as “Negro,” “Oriental,” “American Indian” and Eskimo, according to Mediate. 

Mississippi legislators pass bill making it legal to discriminate against gays

Legislators in Mississippi have passed a bill that would allow people to use their religion to justify discrimination.

The “religious liberty” bill stalled last month, with the House voting to send it to a study committee instead of passing it. However both bodies of Congress have approved a conference report on the bill, advancing it to Gov. Phil Bryant (R). 

BYP 100, Project Nia ban together to create youth jobs bill focused on training, work for young people


In response to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed “tough on crime” strategy, specifically Senate Bill 1342, members of BYP 100 and Project Nia have collaborated to create a youth jobs bill.

Senate Bill 1342, now House Bill 5672, included a minimum sentence of one to three years for any person caught with an illegal weapon.