Viola Davis sticks up for her daughter’s hair



It seems like it’s open season on natural hair, especially when it belongs to the child of a famous person. Blue Ivy has been the butt of many jokes for what critics call Jay Z and Beyonce’s “poor choice in styling.”

Now, actress Viola Davis is coming under fire for choosing to keep her daughter’s hair natural. But instead of ignoring the criticism, Davis is sticking up for her child, and her parenting choices. 

Jay Z, Solange & Beyoncé issue statement on elevator incident

Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange finally broke their silence about leaked footage that shows Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator on May 5.

In an exclusive statement to the Associated Press on Thursday, the trio said “families have problems and we’re no different.” The stars also have claimed to have worked through their differences and moved on since the video emerged this week.