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Report Links Chicago Charter Schools To CPS Financial Struggles

Charter schools have long been the subject of debate. Many critics feel that they’re being used as a privatized way to make public schools obsolete. While these schools receive funding from the same financial pool as public schools, they’re usually privately owned and operated. They also aren’t restricted to the same regulations as public schools. Recently, a report from a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago has made some noteworthy connections between the city’s support of charter schools and the financial crisis currently crippling the public school system. 

Chicago Principals Told Not To Allow ICE Officials School Access Without Warrants

Chicago Public Schools is doing what it can to help support students who would be affected by President Trump’s recent crackdown on immigration. As a start, the school system has informed principals that they shouldn’t grant immigration enforcement officials access to school property without warrants.

Black People Can Handle It: Empathy and Educational Inequity


A lack of empathy perpetuates racial disparities…. At least, that is what Slate writer, Jason Silverstein, argues. Touching on a plethora of severe identity issues within our “post-racial” society (just kidding, that doesn’t exist), Silverstein demonstrates problematic assumptions on “what it means to be black.” Answers to this question are often infused with essentialist claims about the existence of a monolithic black experience: pain, struggle, disenfranchisement, poverty, racism, etc.. This view is not new, but to what extent do these singular notions of blackness perpetuate racial disparities?