Chicago Public Schools is doing what it can to help support students who would be affected by President Trump’s recent crackdown on immigration. As a start, the school system has informed principals that they shouldn’t grant immigration enforcement officials access to school property without warrants.

“To be very clear, CPS does not provide assistance to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law,” chief education officer Janice Jackson wrote. “Therefore, ICE should not be permitted access to CPS facilities or personnel except in the rare instance in which we are provided with a criminal warrant. If presented with any paperwork from ICE, please call the Law Department before taking any action.”

A district spokesperson told The Chicago Tribune they weren’t aware of any instances of immigration officials trying to gain access to schools, but principals were asking how to handle it if it occurred.

CPS went another step further by instructing parents to extend their children’s emergency contact information if there’s any risk that their original emergency contacts would be detained.

“If a child is left stranded at your school and you suspect it is because his or her parent is detained, please exhaust the child’s emergency contact list,” the list of CPS guidelines said. “Please have a staff member remain with the student until the parent, guardian or emergency contact can arrive.”

This move comes as CPS tries to ensure families that its schools are a safe space for their children to learn and exist.


Photo via Chicago Public Schools