Vikings go back on decision, bans Adrian Peterson from playing


Two days after announcing that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson could return to practice with the squad, the NFL team has reversed their decision.

Peterson, who was indicted last week on a felony child-abuse charge, was placed on exempt/commissioner’s permission list. The move prevents him from taking part in any team activities indefinitely. 

Adrian Peterson: ‘I am not a child abuser’

After being reinstated to the NFL, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson released a statement in response to child abuse allegations. 

Peterson took to his Twitter account to voice his thoughts on accusations of child abuse after images surfaced of his 4-year-old son being severely bruised after being disciplined by the star.

Outraged Parents Say Son’s Teacher Made Him Lick Desk Clean for Drawing On It

Parents of a Troy, New York elementary student were outraged to learn that their son’s teacher forced him to clean a desk with his tongue as punishment for drawing on it.

George and Latonia Spencer say their son licked the desk until he began to gag, at which point he was ordered to get paper towels and clean off the rest.

The Spencers were able to get their son removed from the classroom. But they say  the teacher has since tried to turn his friends against him, and that school administration has not done enough to remedy the situation.

Mystery of Abandoned Toddler’s Identity Solved Thanks to Social Media

The identity of a 4 year-old girl abandoned on a stranger’s doorstep has been solved, due in large part to social media.

Little Zoe Brown was mysteriously found on the doorstep of Roy Campbell in South Carolina, with a note on her diaper that read “Call DFAC” or Division of Family and Child Services.

Over 2 million people re-posted photos of the little girl, eventually leading to a tip that identified Zoe.

9 Year-Old Rapper’s Raunchy Videos Lead to Child Abuse Investigation

The family of 9 year-old rapper Luie Rivera is under investigation by Child Protective Services for possible abuse and neglect.

Nicknamed Lil Poopy, Rivera has starred in a slew of raunchy rap videos in which he makes drug references, dances suggestively, and even slaps a woman’s buttocks.

Lil Poopy has peformend alongside the likes of Diddy, and was discovered by rapper French Montana.