Two Las Vegas parents are in custody after allegedly beating their 7 year-old son to death for not reading the bible or doing his homework, and lying about it.

Roderick Arrington was pronounced dead on November 30th after being admitted to a hospital unresponsive on the previous day.

His mother, Dina Palmer, and stepfather, Markeice Palmer, have been charged with murder, child abuse and neglect.

From the Huffington Post:

Markiece Palmer stated the second grade student was spanked on Nov. 27 because he had lied about reading the Bible; he said the boy was also spanked the following day for not finishing his homework, according to police.

Police claim the boy’s stepfather beat him with a spatula, belt and possibly a wooden paddle. Dina Palmer allegedly struck her son on his buttocks with both a belt and her hand.

The couple reportedly called a pastor before dialing 911. KSNV writes, “Pastor Kenneth Hollingsworth says he’s as shocked as anyone that Markiece Palmer chose to call him before first-responders.”


A truly infuriating and heartbreaking situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with little Roderick’s loved ones at this time.

Thoughts on this tragic, senseless situation?

Is corporal punishment justifiable; even if not taken to this obvious extreme?

Are you disturbed by the role religion played in this tragedy?

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