Tavon White Ran Prison Gang, Impregnated Four Guards While Behind Bars

The leader of a Maryland prison gang impregnated four Baltimore prison guards – including one twice – while running a fully-functioning criminal enterprise from behind bars.

Tavon White (36) enlisted other inmates and the help of at least 15 guards in money laundering, drug- running, and the smuggling of cellphones and other banned items. Their gang was known as the Black Guerrilla Family; and by all accounts, they essentially ran the prison.

Obama Administration Announce New Drug Policy Emphasizing Treatment Over Incarceration

The Obama Administration has announced a new policy for fighting drug abuse; one that emphasizes treatment over incarceration.

The plan will use public health tools to address the root causes of drug use and abuse, and divert offenders to rehabilitation programs.

Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske will be releasing the full plan at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

From Yahoo News:

“We know that if drug treatment is done early it is usually more effective, and it’s usually less costly than longer term, because drug addiction is a progressive disease,” Kerlikowske told The Associated Press in an interview ahead of Wednesday’s announcement.

CPS Protest Highlights Dangers Facing Displaced Chicago Students; Questions ‘Safety Routes’

Chicago parents and activists are holding a march today- dubbed Walk the Walk –  to draw attention to the “distances, safety concerns, and overcrowding potential” facing students displaced by the closing of over 50 Chicago Public Schools.

From the Huffington Post:

Around 8:30 a.m., the Raise Your Hand Coalition-led walk began in East Garfield Park at King Elementary on 740 S. Campbell and headed to the proposed receiving school, Jensen, at 3030 W. Harrison. The walk is roughly less than a mile and passes by Altgeld Park.

Coalition of Celebrities Call on President Obama to Reform Drug Laws

Over 100 entertainers have banded together to call on President Obama to change America’s drug laws.

Led by Russell Simmons, the coalition presented a letter to the President on Tuesday, calling for intervention and rehabilitation instead of jail time for non-violent offenders.

From the Associated Press:

The starry group, which also includes Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj, Susan Sarandon and Will Smith, also asks Obama to form a panel to handle clemency requests and to support a measure that allows judges to waive mandatory minimum sentences.

Homeless Woman Sent to Prison for Sending Child to Better School Out of Her District

Tonya McDowell, the 34-year-old black woman who enrolled her son at a school in Norwalk, Connecticut, instead of Bridgeport, where she last lived permanently before becoming homeless, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

McDowell admitted to “fraudulently enrolling” her son in kindergarten in Norwalk, by using a babysitters address. McDowell had lived out of a van and occasionally stayed at a homeless shelter in Norwalk.

Nonetheless, the state charged her with stealing a “free” education:

COLORLINES Asks Youth of Color: ‘Do Cops Make Schools Safe?’

As the debate over making America’s schools safer rages on, a popular “solution” has been to bring more police officer into the schools.

Of course, lost in this conversation has been the voices of young people.

Colorlines traveled to Los Angeles, and spoke with a variety of young people of color about such a policy, and what they think should be done to make their schools safer.

Chicago Teen Allegedly Strip Searched At School

A 15 year-old Chicago student was allegedly strip-searched at his high school last month.

His outraged parents plan to file suit against Chicago Public Schools.

The incident took place at Taft High School. The young man alleges that the search took place in the presence of  two school security guards, a Chicago police officer, and a female assistant principal.

Majority of Americans Think States Should Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana; What Do You Think?

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans believe states should be allowed to decide whether to legalize marijuana.

59 percent of respondent said the decision is up to the states; 34 percent thought the federal government should decide.

From Think Progress:

The Controlled Substances Act makes marijuana and other drugs illegal under federal law, but it does not dictate how the states handle drug policy.