Study: despite being political powerhouses, black women remain absent from politics

Despite being one of the most active political constituencies in the nation, black women are severely underrepresented in federal, state and local government.

That’s the conclusion of a study released by The Higher Heights Leadership Fund and the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics, in collaboration with the Center for American Progress. 

The report, “Status of Black Women in American Politics,” highlights the extent to which the voices of black women are not be adequately heard, or their concerns addressed.

Report: more than 73% of homeowners are white, compared to 43% of blacks



Before the great recession, lawmakers and lenders were very generous when aspiring homeowners, particularly those of color sought loans for their new homes. 

Now, it is far more difficult for those with modest means, or anyone with a less than desirable credit score to buy a home. The barriers to home ownership are so high, that just 43 percent of African-Americans own their own home.

Jackson Rising: People Power and the New Cooperative Movement



By Lamont Lilly

Once home to some of the most violent racists in the U.S., Jackson, Mississippi is now a key training ground for self-determination and organized “people power” throughout the U.S. South. From May 2 through May 4, 2014 activists, organizers and fellow revolutionaries from all over the world gathered at the Jackson Rising: New Economies Conference at Jackson State University. An estimated 500 people participated in some or all of the conference.