The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has filed a motion to reinstate the prosecution of a homeless woman who left her two children in a car during a job interview in March.

Prosecutors made the motion after Shanesha Taylor failed to meet a deadline to deposit $60,000 in a trust fund for her children. 

From AZ Central:

Instead, Taylor asked the judge for a decrease in the total amount that she originally agreed to deposit.

Her request left the prosecutors wondering aloud what happened to the more than $114,700 she received in public donations after her March arrest, and a judge asked her to produce bank statements by a hearing on Wednesday.

About 4,000 donors contributed to a fundraising webpage set up on Taylor’s behalf at after her teary-eyed mugshot went viral. Taylor told authorities she left the children in the car during her job interview because she couldn’t find day care.

In a deal with the prosecutors in July, Taylor agreed to take parenting classes, undergo substance-abuse counseling and set up a trust fund using $60,000, with half of the money designated for child care and the other half for the future education of her three children. If she met all of the conditions, the charges against her could be dropped.

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Taylor met most of the conditions, but wants to put $35,000 into trust funds. Her lawyer argued that the amount was justified since his client has paid for child care through April 2015 and is still searching for a job.

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