New Report Sheds Light on Police Harassment of Transgender Women of Color

An article in The Village Voice is helping to bring light a report that unveils some alarming statistics about the police harassment of transgender people of color.


A new report out from the Anti-Violence Project shows that 40 percent of New York City anti-gay violence survivors polled said they had been mistreated by the police in 2012. Reports of police misconduct also spiked by a factor of 10–from eight incidents in 2011 to 78 in 2012–largely because of the AVP’s outreach to transgender and gender-nonconforming people of color, according to the organization.

Candice Glover Wins American Idol

23 year-old soul powerhouse Candice Glover was crowned the winner of American Idol last night.

Glover is the first woman – and the first black woman – to win since Jordin Sparks in 2007.

From NewsOne:

The booming 23-year-old R&B vocalist from St. Helena Island, S.C., won the Fox singing competition after auditioning a trio of times and making it to the finals this year. Glover looked stunned when “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest announced she bested soulful 22-year-old country singer Kree Harrison from Woodville, Texas.

REPORT: Black Gay Youth Face Unique Challenges Coming Out To Families

Black gay youth face a unique set of challenges in coming out to family and friends, according to a recent study.

The report – authored by Michael C. LaSala, director of the Master of Social Work program at Rutgers University School of Social Work – asserts that these young men face rigid and exaggerated conceptions of masculinity, making it more difficult for them to find acceptance or accept themselves.

Furthermore, black gay men face a myriad of intersecting oppressions (i.e. racism, homophobia, sexism), and elicit a particular kind of disdain and worry from within their communities and families.

Rhythm, Blue, Social Disorder


The conscious humyn evaluates and integrates various influences of  style regardless of race, gender or and social divisions. If “male” has a significance, you could receive the conscious male and his personality as influenced by Sade or Nina Simone. He, or better the humyn, could express a masculinity/femininity that is too distinct for either/or. Manifesting the Sade in him, he’s not afraid to express his experience of the sweetest taboo. Nothing’s loss of his power to create in the world, though he may tell you that he wants to feel an intense love like no other.

Marissa Alexander DENIED New Trial; Still Faces 20 Years in Prison for ‘Standing Her Ground’

According to Loop 21, abused Florida wife and mother Marissa Alexander has been denied a new trial, and thus still faces 20 years in prison.

As we reported to you last month, Alexander stood her ground against an abusive husband, firing a gun into the ceiling to scare him away. While the “Stand Your Ground” law initially allowed George Zimmerman to go free after shooting Trayvon Martin, it did not protect Marissa Alexander.

Marissa Alexander Faces 20 Years in Prison; Why Did ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Fail Her?

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, much of the confusion and outrage surrounding the incident has centered on the “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows individuals confronted with violence or potential harm to use deadly means of defending themselves. The “Stand Your Ground” law was used to justify the Sanford Police Department’s decision to let George Zimmerman free without charge.

But why didn’t it protect Marissa Alexander, a wife and mother of three who stood her ground against an abusive husband, and now faces 20 years in prison?

Style Wars: Not Graffiti But Hipster Takeover

Style, or the way we construct our dress, seems capable to achieve political goals—equal to the power of protests. Speaking from experience, I did not know that my clothes upset the authority figures. Since my professor claimed that I was funny-looking last night, I’ve found a complement in my teacher’s words. Where he was speaking from started at a position, of a certain way of looking at the body. Each new generation violates the laws for presenting the body of the previous generation. This historical function should reveal another strategy for change, another method of power. 

Women’s Her-story Moment: Why Do Black Women Swoon over President Barack Obama? Desperation?

Now that it is Women’s Her-story month I thought I would stoke the fires with a blog about something many black women would have a problem with, but something I need to write and have been thinking about for some time . . . our love for President Barack Obama. Perhaps, not love, but our longing for him. Yep, I am questioning our longing for him as black women. I tell you, it greatly saddens me to see black women swoon over Barack Obama and his family because it lets me know how desperate we are as black women for the illusion of the acceptable black family model and an acceptable black man.

And, yes, all ages of black women tend to swoon over him even seasoned (cough cough cough) 55 year-old black women shave countless decades off their lives and become 16 year-old navel gazing black girls referring to Obama, the President of the United States, as His Cuteness as if President Barack Obama, the leader of the known world, is some simple cast member of Grey’s Anatomy where the most attractive male cast members are seductively and playfully referred to as McDreamy, McSteamy, and, now, His Cuteness. I know many of you are saying, “It’s all fun and banter.” And, in response, I would say both yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, I relish the womanist talk downright juicy idioms and metaphors we use to talk about deliciously beautiful black men. I have been known to call a certain coco-looking black male actor, “The Stick.”