Alice Walker Disinvited from U. of Michigan Over Stance on Isreal

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Alice Walker has been outspoken about Israel and its relationship to Palenstine, going as far as refusing to allow her works to be translated and sold in Israel.

After some of the school’s donors removed funds due to her stance, Walker was been disinvited as a speaker at the University of Michigan.

Here’s the message Walker received as well as part of her response:

Alice Walkers Pens Letter To Alicia Keys, Asking That She Cancel Israel Concert

Singer Alicia Keys has scheduled a stop in Tel Aviv, Israel for her world tour.

The show, which is set for July 4, has garnered Keys a lot of criticism, given the state of Israel-Palestine relations.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Alice Walker has written Keys an open letter, requesting that she reconsider having a concert in Israel.

It reads, in part:

UN Recognizes State of Palestine, Despite U.S. Objections

The United Nations have voted by a more than two-thirds majority to recognize the state of Palestine.

The resolution upgrades Palestine to the status of “nonmenber observer state,” and is being called a “diplomatic defeat for the United States.”

Palestinians rejoiced upon learning the news, but their quest for independence still depends on a peace deal with Israel.