According to Haaretz, a 23-year-old Palestinian who used a cane to walk, Mohammad Khossam Khabali, was shot in the back by Israeli military police while he walked through Tul Karem. Video evidence shows Khabali with a group of friends as he is waiting outside of a restaurant before the shooting. He was critically wounded and then taken to the Tul Karem hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sami-As-Sal, a journalist and Tul Karem resident, found footage of the shooting using cameras around its site. As-Sal told Haaretz that the distance between the group of Palestinians and the soldiers was around 80 meters or 260 feet and that the Israeli soldiers were finishing a search around a nearby house when they spotted the group of Palestinians and approached them. Khabali was described by those who knew him as cognitively and physically disabled, and performed simple odd jobs at the refugee camp he lived in.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initially claimed via press release that a violent riot had occurred “in which dozens of Palestinians hurled rocks. Troops responded with riot control methods and later with live fire.” However, the video does not indicate any violent clashes or confrontations. The street which the soldiers were approaching the group of Palestinians on was a main street, which also contradicts the official word from the IDF.