Marshawn Lynch On Kaep: ‘I’d Rather See Him Take A Knee Than Stand Up…And Get Murdered’

Marshawn Lynch has been a real dude since high school. Growing up in Oakland, witnessing ongoing police violence and brutality can have that effect on an individual. During a recent discussion with Conan O’Brien, Lynch explained how he feels about Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem and what it means for justice.


In Case You Were Wondering, Here Is How People Of Color ‘Should’ Protest

Following Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem, debate has grown about the ways people of color should protest. Yes, many white people have completely missed the point that Kaepernick and so many others are making when they stand up against police violence against Black people: that people of color should have freedom to exist in whatever way they please.

Instead, many white people focus on how uncomfortable they feel that people of color would do or say anything at all in opposition to systems of oppression. In response, Seriously.TV has made a new video showing just how problematic it is to tell people of color how they should protest.


Here’s what you need to know about the Dakota Access Pipeline and #NoDAPL

Last week, a heated conflict between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the federal government came to a head: after a district court ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was in compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act in their construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), three federal agencies blocked further construction of the pipeline within 20 miles of Lake Oahe, a major water source for the tribe.


Seattle Seahawks Reportedly Have A “Big Surprise” For The National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit – then kneel – for the National Anthem is spreading like prairie fire. As individual players throughout the NFL are coming out to show their support, the Seattle Seahawks may be taking it to a much higher level.

While we don’t have many details as to what the team has planned, various players have hinted that they’ll be coming together for some sort of demonstration during the playing of the National Anthem this Sunday, which will also be Sept. 11. 


#FreedomNow Campaign Organizes Protests Across the Nation

On Wednesday, a collective of activist organizations in Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Washington DC, protested police unions, especially the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which they claim protects police officers who kill unarmed black people.

The organizations involved in the mass protest movement include Black Lives Matter, the Black Youth Project 100, Million Hoodies, Project South, Blackout Collective, St. Louis Action Council, Organization for Black Struggle, and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and the Movement for Black Lives as parts of the #FreedomNow campaign. The campaign will have two days of action (July 20th and 21st) all over the nation.

dallas protest

Why Protest Still (And Always) Matters

This week’s killings of police officers were horrible. No one deserves to die, that much we all know and believe. Although the first thing people wish to do is find someone to blame for this senseless killing, we must not let our pain get the better of us. Black Lives Matter protestors and people who stand against police brutality are not responsible for the attacks on the police in Dallas.

Lake Shore Drive Assata's Daughters

Organizers Stopped Traffic On Lake Shore Drive During NFL ‘Draft Town’

The NFL Draft had only taken place in New York City for 50 years before relocating to Chicago in 2015. After the events huge success, the city got a chance to repeat it this year and welcomed heaps of tourists and media. With this level of attention, a group of Chicago organizers took the opportunity to speak out against problems in the city’s infrastructure.

The 17 demonstrators, all women according to the Chicago Sun-Times, wrapped themselves in chains and walked across Lake Shore Drive in Chicago’s downtown where they stopped traffic on Saturday. They were arrested and charged with obstructing traffic. 

Baltimore School Walkout

Baltimore Students Walk Out To Protest Standardized Test

Last week, more than 100 Baltimore City school students walked out of classes to protest standardized tests. According to CBS, students have grown frustrated with the PARCC tests that they’re required to take.

The students had previously met with school officials to protest the test, which they feel doesn’t cover anything that they’re taught and is unfair.