As President Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May sat down for a meeting on Friday morning at Blenheim Palace, tens of thousands came out to protest the arrival of the United States’ President in central London.

Friday’s meeting ends a long week of President Trump sitting down with European leaders and politicians. The U.S. met with its allies in Brussels, Belgium for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) summit, in which Trump ignited a controversial political firestorm.

After Trump threatened U.S. allies that the U.S. would leave NATO due to “low commitments” on their part, he rescinded those comments and promised that NATO member countries will continue to maintain their defense spending commitments.

Following the NATO summit, Donald Trump gave an explosively critical interview on Theresa May’s political performance as prime minister during what was supposed to be diplomatic visit, with several attacks targeting other British politicians.

Tens of thousands of protestors are currently protesting in central London, with calls to “build bridges, not walls.” Chloe Chaplain, an Evening Standard reporter, also described cries of “stand up, fight back.”

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