Man shoots himself, blames black man

Brent Thomas Posada (Facebook)

A California man who first told police he was attacked by a black man with a gun has admitted to intentionally shooting himself.

Brent Thomas Posada, 34, of Redding, said he was shot at his home on Feb. 1. Posada told cops that a black man approached him and pointed a gun at his head.

Nobody’s Greater Than You


Brace yourselves.

You might need some protection when you step outside your door today.
It’s cold out but people are colder.

As you have your morning breakfast or lunch or dinner, depending on
what side of the world you live on, be sure to have a side of IDGAF
next to your toast.

The Return

Whether you’re from Chicago or a city in Thailand, it’s been pretty hard to miss the growing buzz around #TheReturn of Chicago native Derrick Rose. I have been fascinated by the responses from Derrick Rose fans throughout the world. It seems that many of them are rushing him to come back, for the sake of a possible championship. 

About the Dorks on Facebook

[Like] posts have taken over facebook. You see them religiously on young Black teens’ walls, and (less acceptable) they appear on 18 and 19 year-old pages. I see no other reason for such creations except various situations of low self-esteem. No one can blame young folks; as teenage years mark the beginning of partner relationships, meaning the desires to be with others raises our consciousness of ourselves on the outside. Innocent beginnings like these deserve caution though.