Whether you’re from Chicago or a city in Thailand, it’s been pretty hard to miss the growing buzz around #TheReturn of Chicago native Derrick Rose. I have been fascinated by the responses from Derrick Rose fans throughout the world. It seems that many of them are rushing him to come back, for the sake of a possible championship. 

I realize that while everyone is focused on the Return, what they don’t understand is the process that comes with a Return. I like to call it “The Process of Reconstruction”! This is a process that we all have to go through when working towards taking ourselves to the next level. This can be in a career, relationship, personal makeover, or anything in life. Before we can walk in this new image we have to first be made over. This process is not one of ease, but of patience and perseverance.

If we ever truly plan to be successful in our transitions and going to the next level it is imperative that we do not rush the process. Greatness takes time to build and to be rebuilt. Remember that you are being re-made so that your life, your story and the work that you do can be a blessing to others. Embrace where you are and appreciate the process of growth and learning while it’s still here. Trust me when I tell you that “you will feel better being fully equipped, rather then being caught with your pants down when it’s time for you to step up.”

In today’s video I really want the viewers to focus on the message in this clip, rather than the highlights of our beloved Chitown Hero. I believe that we all have a “Process of Reconstruction” that we need to go through, if we ever truly expect to see a massive change in our communities and in this world.