Video: Spike Lee releases ‘Throw Like a Girl’ documentary in honor of Mo’ne Davis


Earlier we reported that director Spike Lee was working on a documentary about Little League World Series breakout star Mo’ne Davis.

The short documentary, Throw Like a Girl, chronicles how Mo’ne was discovered and became involved in baseball. The documentary also shows Mo’ne playing basketball, her favorite sport.


Family sues Spike Lee for tweeting wrong address for George Zimmerman


The family residing at the address Spike Lee tweeted shortly after the George Zimmerman verdict is suing the famous director.

David and Elaine McClain claim that Lee was so filled with hate that he put the wrong address on social media, placing the elderly couple in harm’s way.

From TMZ:

In the lawsuit … the McClains say they received numerous death threats and hate mail … and feared for their lives as their address was re-Tweeted countless times.

Raising $80,000 for the Negro In History | CALL TO ACTION

Eunique Jones has created a photographic sensation with her “Because of Them, We Can-Black History and Beyond” campaign and has taken the movement to KICKSTARTER.

The plan is to raise $80,000 by June 19th, to produce a high quality book contained with all 365 images of kids turned icons.

The KICKSTARTER project will cover design and layout, copyediting, printing and delivering expenses for the book.


While the National conversation about the lack of Black history in education persists, Eunique has found her niche to continuously impact the world and creatively educate Black chidlren about the power of their people.

Dick Gregory Calls Spike Lee A Thug and a Punk For Criticizing Django Unchained

Legendary comedian Dick Gregory went off on Spike Lee over his widely-publicized criticism of the film Django Unchained.

Gregory is clearly a big fan and supporter of Tarantino’s controversial movie, and thinks Lee’s critique of the film was unfair (since he never actually saw it) and hypocritical.

From NewsOne:

He then calls out Lee for criticizing a film that he’s never seen, saying that if anyone has created movies that are disrespectful to our ancestors, it’s Lee himself:

A Memorial of Polyamory (Taming of 'the Few')

After 2 years of staying single—going on “dates” with various womyn, initiating quasi relationships—I’m back into an exclusive relationship. What I’ve learned over these consistently dynamic months (everyday was not easy), is that you can love multiple womyn—truly be crazy about the personalities of different people at the same time—but you must choose one for the sake of their emotional stability. I “chose” one person to call my girlfriend because she deserved a relationship that she could take seriously.