VIDEO: Janelle Monåe | The Return of Artistry in R&B, Soul, & Hip Hop

Janelle Monae has been on the scene for a brief minute. Clearly, she’s here to stay!

Monae’s style is equivalent to an equinoctial point. In other words, she’s distinctive in fashion, beauty, and music and there’s no one like her. If so, they too are very rare, appearing infrequently throughout a life’s cycle of entertainment, and soon to disappear.

Girl Power: The Smith’s Advice

By Marika Adams


Now we’ve all seen Willow Smith and her hairstyles, right?

It feels like she changes it every week with almost no fight with her parents. Now with the mounting criticism by the public on her parenting skills, Jada Pinkett-Smith has responded on her facebook page.



A letter to a friend…

This subject is old but I have never answered it in its entirety. And even with this post it will remain incomplete.

Hampton University Business School Dean Bans Cornrows and Dreadlocks

According to a report from Virginia’s ABC news station, Hampton University has banned some of it’s male business students from wearing dreadlocks or cornrows.

Though it only applies to a specific group of students enrolled in a leadership course, it has still caused a great deal of controversy.

But Sid Credle, dean of Hampton’s business school, maintains that such hairstyles prevent students from securing employment once they graduate.

Style Wars: Not Graffiti But Hipster Takeover

Style, or the way we construct our dress, seems capable to achieve political goals—equal to the power of protests. Speaking from experience, I did not know that my clothes upset the authority figures. Since my professor claimed that I was funny-looking last night, I’ve found a complement in my teacher’s words. Where he was speaking from started at a position, of a certain way of looking at the body. Each new generation violates the laws for presenting the body of the previous generation. This historical function should reveal another strategy for change, another method of power.