Abortion Decision

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-Abortion Bill

In a 5-3 ruling on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Supreme Court struck down Texas HB2, a bill that heavily regulated abortion providers and resulted in the closure of half of the state’s clinics. The Court determined that requiring clinics to qualify as surgery centers and ensuring abortion doctors have hospital admitting privileges at local hospitals places an “undue burden” on women seeking abortions.


Supreme Court sides with Affirmative Action in Fisher Case #ByeAbby

In a 4-3 decision (with Justice Elena Kagan recusing herself) the Supreme Court upheld the Fifth US Circuit Court’s ruling that the University of Texas at Austin appropriately utilizes race in its college admissions policy.

Under this policy, the school admits the top 10% of all high school applicants for 75% of spots and uses an holistic review process (where race is considered alongside personal and academic achievement) to fill the remaining 25% of spots.

Roe v. Wade 39th Anniversary

The continued assault on abortion rights no one is talking about

In the next few weeks, the Supreme Court is poised to rule on the legality on Texas HB2, a bill which requires all abortions (both medical, or early terminations which utilize the abortion pill, and surgical) to be done in ambulatory surgical centers or for abortion doctors to have access to hospitals. These additional requirements have been found to be unnecessary and unsafe barriers for typical abortion procedures. In fact, these requirements have caused abortion clinics all over the state of Texas to close, leaving the entire state with only 10 clinics to serve all of its citizens.


We Should Be Happy Antonin Scalia Died

Everyone always says: “Just be patient. Once all the old racist, misogynist white men die, everything will be fine.” If that’s true, then perhaps, this week’s news about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death should be considered a collective step closer to the goal of dismantling systemic racism.

To be honest, Scalia was trash. It’s been a few days since he was found dead and that truth is still evident. People (mostly conservatives) will defend his record, calling him a patriot or some other term that is actually violent towards non-Whites. But, most folks know that Scalia’s actions while on the SCOTUS were primarily in support of the oppression of non-whites, women, and other marginalized groups and the maintenance of institutional racism. His death, then, is not really very sad.

Confirmation Kerry Washnigton

First ‘Confirmation’ Trailer Released, Starring Kerry Washington As Anita Hill

HBO has released the first trailer for their upcoming series, Confirmation. The series will tell the story of Anita Hill (Kerry Washington) as she goes through the process of giving her testimony during Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings of his alleged sexual harassment.

Gay marriage legal in five more states as Supreme Court continues to clear way for equality



On Monday the Supreme Court turned down all pending state appeals in the gay-marriage cases, leaving rulings in five more states that said gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry in tact.

The move means that gay marriage will be legal in most of the nation, and it didn’t take a ruling by the high court to make it so.