Black Children Are More Likely to Be Beaten By Their Teachers

As a mother of three, one of the central concerns I have each is for the safety of my children. While my partner and I have opted not to use corporal punishment in our household, we know that some parents still advocate for its use in their own homes. However, corporal punishment in schools is something (I thought) was a thing of the past. Apparently it isn’t and it is happening far too frequently to Black children.

Graduation Part II: Vanette W

I met Vanette in the spring of 2013 at Street Level Youth Media.  I was immediately impressed and inspired by her deep passion for youth development and addressing social issues that affect Chicago youth. Through discussion with Vanette about the Chicago Public School system, homeless students, and youth violence, it was apparent that at the age of 17 she possessed a maturity level far beyond her years. Vanette spoke about violence from the perspective of a CPS student and youth educator. She is a student teacher with the Chicago Urban Teaching Academy, a program that started at her high school in 2010.

Educator Brooke Harris Says She’s Facing Termination for Speaking Out Against EAA

Brooke Harris, a teacher at a Detroit High School, is facing termination for allegedly helping her students organize a walkout in protest of the school’s policies.

Harris is no stranger to controversy. Just  last year she was fired from another Michigan high school for helping students with a fundraiser for the family of Trayvon Martin.

She says she had nothing to do with the walkout, and is being singled out for speaking out against the Education Achievement Authority, the organization that runs the school.

Parents and Teachers Hold Protest Against NYC Principal for Targeting Black Teachers; Calling Them “Gorillas”

Last month we told you about a NYC principal under fire for targeting and forcing out the only black teacher’s at Pan American International High School.

The outrage has only increased since then. Principal Minerva Zanca is also accused of calling them “gorillas,” and making derogatory comments about their “big lips” and “nappy hair.”

Parents and teachers recently held protests outside of the NYC Dept of Education, calling for her ouster.

Principal Fires Three Black Teachers; Uses Racist, Abusive Language Towards Them

A petition has been launched demanding the ousting of NYC Principal Minerva Zanca, who is accused of firing a group of black teachers, and calling them “big lipped,” “nappy haired,” and “gorillas.”

A harassment claim filed against Zanca alleges targeting of the three teachers throughout the 2012-2013 school year.

The petition was launched by Kevin Powell’s BK Nation: