Five Texas Teens Arrested For Racist Graffiti On Rival High School

School rivalries can get intense and before you know it you may look up and feel that you have a genuine dislike for the students from across the way. But hate is a different level altogether and has no place. And that hate being used as a platform for racist and anti-transgender rhetoric is unacceptable.

Five Texas teenagers have learned this lesson after being arrested for reportedly spray painting “Whites Only” over a rival high school’s water fountain and “Trans Only” near a bathroom. 

Video: Black teens express hate, disdain for fellow blacks


In a disturbing 13-minute video, several black teenagers can been seen airing out their very hateful opinions of other blacks.

One girl said, “Even though I’m dark skin, I’m not black…they’re selfish they’re ignorant…I don’t want a black boyfriend…they got that ignorant hair (points to black teen) look at him he’s on a Toshiba, when my white boy is gonna be on a MAC making me some money…I don’t really like to make black friends, they’re not anybody who I really look to to be my friends…”

White teen who dressed as a “n***er” for Halloween to critics: ‘worry about finding your dad’



One of two teen girls who posted a picture dressed in Blackface after being “n***ers” for Halloween has responded to criticism for her costume choice.

The teen had a message for African Americans, telling them the stop worrying about her costume and to start worrying about where their fathers are.

From NewsOne:

The two little Klansladies-in-training, @kinkystyles and @dobebeiber, proudly showed off their costumes, with the tweet: “me & @kinkystyles are n**ers this Halloween 🙂

The photo quickly went viral after being tweeted by Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.  

About the Dorks on Facebook

[Like] posts have taken over facebook. You see them religiously on young Black teens’ walls, and (less acceptable) they appear on 18 and 19 year-old pages. I see no other reason for such creations except various situations of low self-esteem. No one can blame young folks; as teenage years mark the beginning of partner relationships, meaning the desires to be with others raises our consciousness of ourselves on the outside. Innocent beginnings like these deserve caution though.