One of two teen girls who posted a picture dressed in Blackface after being “n***ers” for Halloween has responded to criticism for her costume choice.

The teen had a message for African Americans, telling them the stop worrying about her costume and to start worrying about where their fathers are.

From NewsOne:

The two little Klansladies-in-training, @kinkystyles and @dobebeiber, proudly showed off their costumes, with the tweet: “me & @kinkystyles are n**ers this Halloween 🙂

The photo quickly went viral after being tweeted by Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.  

After offended Black people on Twitter challenged @dobebeiber about the ignorant and racist costume, she further showed her true (lack of) color with the following tweets:

@dobebeiber quit worrying about my Halloween costume and worry about    finding your dad!!!

@dobebeiber what would Rosa Parks think of you people in my mentions

@dobebeiber I am famous in the black community

          @dobebeiber  black people are so over dramatic

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This latest incident comes on the heels of another instance of blackface, where two men dressed up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The woman who uploaded the picture, Caitlin Cimeno has since been fired from her job in light of the controversy.

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