Why reproductive justice is essential to understanding gene editing

By Victoria Massie

Originally posted at the Center for Genetics and Society Blog.

On June 13, the Center for Genetics and Society, alongside Black Women for Wellness and In Our Own Voice National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda , will be hosting the webinar, “Gene Editing and the Future of Reproductive Justice .”

Featuring University of Pennsylvania Professor of Law and Sociology and CGS Advisory Board member Dorothy Roberts , Princeton University Professor of African-American Studies Ruha Benjamin , and UC Davis Professor of Law Lisa Ikemoto , the webinar will discuss how emerging biotechnologies like gene editing are reshaping our ideas about what kind of human beings we will let ourselves be in the future.

White Principal Tells Black Students They Tested Worse Than Whites!

The principal of Germantown High School in Memphis, Tennessee is in hot water today after announcing to his students the results of standardized state test scores, breaking them down by race and socioeconomic status.

The results made Black students appear “less smart” than their white counterparts, and many feel that the principal’s intention was to publicly blame Black students for pulling down the school’s average. After the results were shared, Black students reported being taunted by their classmates.