Florida womens’ prison goes without water and air conditioning

A storm knocked out the water and air conditioning in Florida’s oldest women’s prison this weekend and the headaches have continued ever since. Employees and family members of inmates have come out with stories that women were forced to wash with still toiler bowl water and weren’t getting enough to drink while the damages were being repaired. 

ABC Screenshot

Teens arrested for selling water bottles offered jobs in IT

While most of us see teenagers selling water bottles as being resourceful, police in Washington D.C. saw a criminal offense. Fortunately, someone else saw the early signs of entrepreneurship and acted on it.

Raymond Bell, the founder and administrator of the HOPE Project, has stepped in to offer jobs to two teenagers who were recently handcuffed for selling water bottles on the National Mall without a license. 

Flint, Michigan Is Fighting Bacterial Illness Due To Contaminated Water

Flint, Michigan has been dealing with the repercussions of a contaminated water supply for more than two years, which included lead poisoning and legal ramifications being taken against local politicians. After all of that, you’d think the situation would be resolved to avoid any more bad press or, even worse, health risks. You’d be wrong.

Flint is now dealing with the outbreak of a infectious bacterial disease called Shigellosis, which can lead to abdominal pain, dehydration and high fevers. According to CNN, this disease is most commonly spread when people don’t wash their hands often.

Obama Drinks Water In Flint To Prove It’s Safe

The people of Flint, MI have been understandably distrusting of local government officials’ claims that their tap water was clean enough to drink even with the use of filters. To help sway locals, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been drinking the same filtered water for weeks (even though this hasn’t been enough to keep residents from booing him at a recent press conference). He’s now gotten one of the best cosigns he could’ve asked for.

President Barack Obama announced that he’d be visiting Flint, MI in a letter to an 8-year-old girl commonly known as “Little Miss Flint.” During his visit on Wednesday (May 5), Obama spoke to reporters and drank a glass of Flint’s filtered water to let people know it was safe.