The families of the victims who were killed in a drunk driving crash are now suing a teen who claimed “affluenza” prevented him from knowing the severity of his actions.

16-year-old Ethan Couch was sentenced to 10 years probation and an alcohol treatment facility after he was convicted of drunk driving. 

From KFOR 4:

In June, Breanna Mitchell’s vehicle broke down on the side of a North Texas road. Hollie and Shelby Boyles both stopped to lend a hand, along with youth pastor Brian Jennings.

As they were trying to fix the stranded vehicle, the group was hit by Couch, who was driving while intoxicated. The sentence sparked outrage after Couch’s defense attorneys said he suffered from “affluenza,” meaning that since his family is so rich, he was unable to know right from wrong.

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A total of five civil suits have been filed, three of them from the families of the four victims who died during the incident. Eric Boyles is suing Couch for more than $1 million after his wife and daughter were struck and killed by Couch’s vehicle.

Shaunna Jennings, wife of Brian Jennings is suing for unspecified damages and Marla Mitchell, who lost her daughter, is also suing for an unspecified amount. The other two lawsuits are from survivors injured in the crash.

Thoughts on the judge’s verdict? An example of white privilege/classicism?

What should happen to the teen?

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