Actor Larenz Tate has partnered with a new California initiative to help young men succeed.

The “Love Jones” actor talked about his role in BLOOM, which stands for Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men, in October’s issue of Sister 2 Sister. 

From Sister 2 Sister:

Larenz, who starred as an inner-city teen in “South Central” and Menace II Society, is the spokesperson for [the initiative] […] “We’re getting these young brothers to get back into school, complete high school, get some job training and get them back on the right track because once they get in that juvenile system, or they get involved with the courts, it’s hard for them,” explained Larenz. […]

With the proper guidance, Larenz said the young men would be able to obtain employment and provide a better future for themselves.
“We really try to support them and encourage them,” he said.

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The program is part of the California Community Foundation. It assists young men of color between the ages of 14 and 18. Tate has worked with BLOOM for two years. He hopes the program will expand to help many more young men of color across the country.


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