A strange, new film is making serious waves across the internet. As a fan of transgressive art, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a Black film quite like this one. Everyone who sees it walks away with VERY strong opinions on it. We think you will, too. It is incredibly disturbing.

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons is a short film about a well-to-do, upper middle class Black family that’s harboring a jaw-dropping secret. In a nutshell, Isaiah, the son, has been molesting his father, Sidney. And now Sidney, a professional writer, has written a memoir that details their sordid relationship. Isaiah is none too happy about it.

Check out the trailer below. Once again, prepare to be freaked the eff out!

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons trailer:


Yeah, we know.

And if you can handle it, check out a 2nd, far creepier trailer below (BE ADVISED – NSFW):


The Strange Thing About The Johnsons is obviously discomforting and strange. And many media outlets are decrying the film as “sick,” and bad for the Black family. Well, the Black Youth Project thinks you should be able to make up your own mind regarding that.

The film can be watched at this location.

Tell us what you think!

Is The Strange Thing About The Johnsons bad for the Black community?

Are you interested in seeing it?

Or do you regret even watching the trailer?

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