This past week, Trevor Noah interviewed “alt-right” or, better known as white nationalist, darling and Blaze personality Tomi Lahren on “The Daily Show.” The reception was mixed. Some felt that Noah took the 24-year-old down a notch or two, others felt that he was respectful and the conversation served as an example for future conversations.

But then there some of us – myself included – who felt that he pulled his punches and worked too hard to make her feel comfortable, knowing that she likely wouldn’t extend the same courtesy if he appeared on Tomi.

To take matters a step further, Lahren recently posted on Instagram to show the world that Noah extended yet another olive branch in the form of cupcakes.

Again, the late night host appears to be going the extra mile after mile to show the world he approves of Lahren as a person, but what’s she done so far?

Just remember, folks, it’s not your job to make the people who constantly stand in your way comfortable. Especially when it’s clear they wouldn’t offer the same in return.