The White House and its GOP conspirators are cheering the passing of a bill which many experts have warned will only benefit those who are at the top of the American tax brackets, worsening the economic outlook of the (working) poor and middle class.

White-folk-President has already hailed his plan as the “largest tax cut” in history, surely another set of lies that he tells both himself and his supporters in order to keep their faith. According to BBC News, non-partisan analysis of the bill reveals that those most helped by the bill will be the super-rich, multinational corporations, (corporate welfare, anyone?) and the commercial property industry. The plan does have an immediate effect of most taxpayers paying less, but those cuts will end in 2025. 53% of taxpayers will face higher bills, many of those in lower income tax brackets.

President Orange Skin’s tax bill will also add 1.5 trillion to the national debt, which he promised during his campaign to eliminate. However, it does cancel out the hotly debated fine for not having health coverage, which had the effect of raising premiums for those who already had medical coverage.

In addition, the tax bill also declares the previously preserved Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska fair game to be drilled. If these items sound familiar, it is because they are the complete opposite of everything President Obama worked to put into place over his eight years in office.

As expected, Democrats roundly criticized the bill, from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s declaration that the move was “government for sale” to¬† Tim Kaine’s cry of “highway robbery.”

Notable opposition also came in the form of U.N. rights expert Philip Alston, who called the tax reform “…a bid to make America the world champion of extreme inequality” and raised concerns regarding the bill’s secretive nature: “…the lack of public debate, the closed nature of the negotiation, the exclusion of the representatives of almost half of the American people from the process and the inability of elected representatives to know any detail they are being asked to vote for, all raise major concerns.”