For the most part, educational institutions have closed their doors due to the extremely cold weather in the midwest. Students attending The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign weren’t so lucky.

Upon receiving the following email, some students took to Twitter and voiced their opinions of Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise:

From Buzzfeed:

On Sunday evening, everyone at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign received this email saying that classes would be in session on Monday, Jan. 27:

Under the #F**kPhyllis hashtag, students expressed some downright racist and sexist opinions of Ms. Wise.

“Yo Phyllis if people die that’s on you. #f*ckphyllis

“It’s going to be -27 without wind chill tomorrow morning and I have class at 8 #F*ckPhyllis #C*nt #B**ch #Whore

“Phyllis Wise is the Kim Jong Un of chancellors #f*ckphyllis

Not everyone was pleased with the backlash Wise received for her decision:

“I’m sure all of you will look back at this in 10 years and be ashamed of yourselves for verbally abusing an individual online #F*ckPhyllis

I’m totally on board with cussing out admins, but some U of I folks in the #F*ckPhyllis tag are being racist, sexist jerks. Not cool.

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Ms. Wise, who is Asian-American, served as interim President of the University of Washington in 2010-2011 prior to her appointment as Chancellor at the University of Illinois.

The school has not released a statement in response to the outrage.

Thoughts on the students’ reactions to school not being cancelled?

Should they be reprimanded?

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