Trump pokes the bear that is North Korea with latest tweets

Here we are again. Examining how the President of the United States is on the verge of sparking international conflict with the tapping of his thumbs on a smart phone.

In President Trump’s latest newsworthy tweets, he called out North Korea’s leadership for their latest threat of nuclear assault. In other words, he’s calling their bluff by poking the bear to see if it’ll do anything. 

White Howard Student Apologizes For Old Tweets Including The N-Word

Russell Schiller is the Howard University Student responsible for starting the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous social media campaign. This movement gained a lot of public support and saw Schiller receive a considerable amount of support himself. But then, after some digging, many found some of his old tweets problematic.

Schiller, a white man, was found to have used the n-word on multiple occasions on social media, even as recently as July of 2015. To no surprise, many saw a problem with this.

Comedian Artie Lang fires off racist, sexist tweets about Cari Champion




Cari Champion is known for hosting ESPN’s First Take, but now she’s been wrapped up in a mess that should have never even happened thanks to comedian Artie Lange.

Lange, who obviously finds Champion attractive, took to Twitter to rant about his “fantasies” involving the sports commentator. 

WARNING: The tweets contain offensive language that is NSW.

Cee Lo Green apologizes for rape tweets




Musician Cee Lo Green apologized Tuesday night for “idiotic” tweets about rape, but didn’t actually acknowledge that he made the comments.

The apology came in response to a few questionable tweets captured by Cee Lo’s followers before being deleted.