Just a week after Mountain Dew pulled an ad condemned by many as the “most racist commercial ever,” Uni Ball has released a commercial that actually gives that one a run for its money.

The ad features a muscular black male inmate reading a letter from one of his “homies” typed in Edwardian script and recited in a British accent.

The letter reads:

What up, homie. It’s wack that 5-0 bust you shifting bricks of da funky buddha. And I ain’t just spitting, yo. Everyday we be respecting wit a 40 on da floor for our peeps in lockdown. But word up, me and my homie T-Bone, we got a hood snitch up in the pen. We gon’ cut you loose like a noose, my dukes. And you be chillin’ in the crib knocking boots with some hoodrats. Gotta bounce, dawg.


Big G

The ad has since began removed from Uni Ball’s YouTube channel.

But that hasn’t stopped Kristen Savali West from penning a scathing rebuke of this decidedly unfunny commerical.

From NewsOne:

Though the burly, Black actor who decided to literally sell-out should not be allowed to dodge accountability, there is something sinister about a corporation that would purposely capitalize on the degradation, marginalization and oppression tactics used to destabilize Black communities in America.

In a real life scenario, “the homie’s” father was killed by police, he started “shifting bricks of da funky buddha” after his Chicago public school was shut down and his mother, unable to afford insurance, became too ill to work. Because of the War on Drugs, which disproportionately affects Black men, “the homie” has spent the last 10 years behind bars on a first offense.

Those “hood-rats” are more likely to be raped by the age of 18 and less likely to report it because of societal stigmas and cultural pressure.

And those nooses?

Weapons of mass destruction used to decimate entire generations, while some in White America step over the graves and pretend that the wage, education and occupation gaps are the result of hard work and not outright generational theft.

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