Apparently, stealing a 65-cent carton of milk comes with a very hefty price even for school children.

A Virginia middle school student was accused of doing just that and has been suspended after being handcuffed, searched for drugs, charged with larceny and ordered to appear in juvenile court.

Possibly the worst thing about the entire altercation is that Shamise Turk told WTVR that her son Ryan is already on the school’s lunch program and the milk he was accused of stealing was actually included and his for the taking.

According to reports, a Prince William County Police Officer was on duty at Graham Park Middle School when Ryan got back in the lunch line to get his milk. The officer claims Ryan pulled away when he grabbed him.

“I yanked away from him I told him to get off of me because he’s not my Dad,” Ryan said.

The larceny charge stems from Ryan’s alleged attempt to “conceal” the milk the officer thought he stole.

“This is ridiculous… this is beyond embarrassing… he’s at home for 65 cents,” Shamise Turk said. “I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m mad. It just went too far. They are charging him with larceny, which I don’t have no understanding as to why he is being charged with larceny when he was entitled to that milk from the beginning.”

Ryan is still expected to appear in juvenile court, but hopefully this situation is resolved before then. Even if the milk was actually stolen, it’s fair to say this punishment is far beyond excessive. No one should have a criminal record because of a carton of milk.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons