For the second time in two weeks, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been vandalized. 

This time, the defacing came in the form of racist remarks on two benches. 

From Journal Gazette:

The tirades, which were found Sunday and appeared to be written in black marker on the white slats of the benches, were directed at interracial relationships. Frank Suarez, a spokesman for the city, said it’s upsetting to see someone deface an asset to the city such as the bridge.

“Fort Wayne residents embrace and take pride in our landmarks,” he said.

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The writing targeted specifically the relationships of black men with white women. “White women do not need to mix … keep the white race pure,” begins the passage on one bench.

Writings on the second bench called for the death of interracial couples. The writings also called for the public to remember white supremacist and murderer Joseph Paul Franklin, who was executed for the deaths of more than 20 people. His main targets were interracial couples during his killing spree in the late 1970s.

Just two weeks ago, the monument with King’s face on it was vandalized with smiley faces. The defacement has sense been removed.

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