Police are investigating a potential rape after a video surfaced on the popular social media site Vine.

A user by the name of “Jonathan Jno” posted a Vine video of what appears to be a barely conscious woman getting sexually assaulted in a park on Chicago’s South Side.

From Jezebel:

According to theĀ Daily Dot, the clip has since been deleted, as have the Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with the “Jno.” Because of the swift and vociferous Internet uproar, the police have already identified the man who uploaded the video. The identities of the apparent victim and rapist are still unknown, however.

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Twitter users quickly reported the video to police, condemning the act as “re-victimizing” the victim and further stripping her from her power of choice.

Earlier this year, two juveniles were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl while she was passed out at a party. Police were alerted after a video of the incident surfaced on social media.


We can all agree that sharing and retweeting a horrific act like this can be about as shameful as the act itself, but it has led to an investigation.


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