Another day, another shocking case of police brutality.

In Bellflower, California, a special needs woman boarded a city bus with a stroller filled with some pillows. After a stop or two, two police officers boarded and demanded that she exit the bus.

When she refused, the male officer reared back and punched her in the face.

The entire incident was caught on tape.

How can this kind of force ever be justified on an unarmed, special needs woman?

The above footage was captured on a cell phone camera by Jermaine Green, an Iraq War vet who’d been riding the bus with his wife at the time of the incident. According to Green, the officer even tried to intimidate him into handing over his cell phone.

From NBC Los Angeles:

“‘He comes to me and says you can be under arrest if you don’t give me that video,’ Green said.

Green said the deputy then asked if he had any warrants.

‘I said no, I’m a veteran, I just came back, I have six years, I have no record, and he said ‘We’ll see about that.”

Why didn’t Green want to hand over this video to the deputies involved?

‘I think they would try to cover it up. I think a lot of things get covered up and people need to come forward if they see something, report it because it can’t be fixed unless it’s brought to the public’s attention,’ Green said.”

Read more at NBC Los Angeles.


Were the Police justified in their use of force?

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