In January, an Instagram photo of two black gay dads taking care of their young daughters went viral.

The image garnered mixed reactions, but also a memoir written by one of the dads. 

From Daily Mail:

Kordale Lewis, who lives in Atlanta with his fiance Kaleb and their three children, told the Huffington Post that he decided to speak out about the ordeal in Picture Perfect? in the hopes that it will raise awareness and acceptance of homosexuals.

‘While we wanted to stay quiet and focus on our family, we ultimately decided that our experience could help spread the message of equality for all human beings,’ he explained. 

An image of Kordale and Kaleb with their daughters in a bathroom mirror, brushing their hair as they got the girls ready for school sparked a wave of controversy. “Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30am, making breakfast, getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30,” they captioned the photo.

The post received a number of supportive comments like ‘Beautiful family!’ and ‘Those girls are lucky to have two dads that love them so much!’

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The book was published May 13 and is described as “an honest, soul-bearing memoir that pulls back the curtain on the story behind the picture and reveals the less-than-perfect history underneath.”

What a wonderful way to combat negativity regarding same-sex families.

 What will it take for members of the same-sex community to gain acceptance? Should that even be the aim?

Is Kordale on the right track as he seeks to educate the masses?

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