A new webinar is seeking to explore how storytelling can make cultural, civic, and political engagement more accessible. The Storytelling & Digital-Age Civics with Media, Activism and Participatory Politics Project (MAPP) works with youth to create narratives through various media channels. 

From Connected Learning:

 To create these stories, youth make use of various media including theater, photography, blogs, books and videos. Organized around the lifecycle of a story, this webinar series will explore the affordances and challenges of digital media for civic action by bringing together civically active youth to discuss how political narratives are created, produced, spread and recontextualized through “digital afterlife.”

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The project is meant to generate a fruitful discussion between people and groups representing a broad range of perspectives and practices.

The first webinar, “Finding Your Story:How do you identify and frame stories that engage with your community?” is on Jan. 14. at 10 a.m. PT. Go to for more information.

How important is storytelling to the community?

Do you believe that the age-old practice can unite people from different backgrounds?

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