An unnamed white professor at Howard University is being accused of taking time in class to hold a mock slave auction and using a Black student as an example of the inhumane treatment slaves would be put through. 

Caged Bird Magazine, “an online magazine made for minority students, by minority students,” reported that the incident occurred on Thursday, March 9 during a lecture on Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.

The professor approached one of two male students and asked him to stand in front of the classroom.

“Professor A asked me to stand up and I reluctantly did so. He started propping my body up as if we were on a slave auction block,” the student told Caged Bird.

As the professor continued to examine the student and point out factors that slave owners would look for, he noticed many of the students’ disapproval and discomfort with the exercise, resulting in him saying, “It’s O.K., I’m uncomfortable too; I’m white.”

“I stood up because I didn’t expect him to do or say the things he said and did. I didn’t sit down sooner because I was so shocked,” said the student.

The incident then reached a new disgusting lows as the professor reportedly asked the student to turn around to show his butt to the class. This is when the student sat down and refused to continue the exercise.

“I wanted to hit him,” the boy said. “I was being racially and sexually harassed in front of my peers and the only thing I could think to defend myself was by punching him.”

Sadly, the idea of introducing slave auctions into schools isn’t a completely uncommon practice. Just over a year ago, a Illinois high school came under fire after a group of students held a slave auction during a tasteless skit. But this happening on not only the college level, but at an HBCU is alarming, to say the least.