On May 8, 2018, the Los Angeles Police Commission board president Steve Soboroff called for a recess during a regularly scheduled meeting when Sheila Hines-Brim, a Black resident, interrupted with accusations about lies told of the death of her niece, Wakiesha Wilson.

Wakiesha Wilson was a Black woman who died two years ago in LAPD custody. She was arrested on March 26th, 2016 on accusations of assault at a hospital. She was found unconscious the next morning. A coroner stated she hanged herself. Wilson’s death sparked local protests from Black Lives Matter activists. The department stated they found “no evidence any force was used” on Wilson.

Wilson’s aunt, Sheila Hines-Brim attended the meeting with Wilson’s mother, Lisa Hines. Throughout the meeting, some attendees were directed to leave due to multiple interruptions. Hines-Brim proceeded towards Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and threw a white, powder-like substance at him.

“That’s Wakiesha,” Hines-Brim exclaimed as she walked away, “That’s Wakiesha! She’s going to stay with you!”

The meeting quickly ended. Police officers proceeded to arrest Hines-Brim. Fire crews were urgently called to identify the substance and whether it was dangerous. Joshua Rubenstein, the police department’s spokesman, shared that although it doesn’t seem hazardous, the department has not confirmed what it was.

Hines-Brim was arrested on charges of suspicion of battery on an officer. She shared after her release, “I used her ashes so they can be with him, so he can feel her, because he murdered her. They covered it up.” She shares she “felt satisfied” with her actions.

A second woman was also arrested and has been identified as Melina Abdullah, a leader of the LA Black Lives Matter group. She was accused of assaulting an officer before the meeting, but attendees state they did not see any assault take place. Abdullah was later released.