I am a childfree Black woman and I owe my womb to no one

Black conception, Black pregnancy, Black childbirth, and Black children somehow never seem to be about the Black birthers who carry them to term, or die trying.


I feel guilty for dreaming of motherhood when the world is so dangerous for Black children

Truth be told, children need more than I am capable of giving. And Black children need and deserve more than this world will ever allow them to have.


Conviction of Brazilian political prisoner echoes injustice in the U.S.

by Raphael Tsavkko Garcia Rafael Braga Vieira was sentenced to five years in prison... more


Men’s lack of respect for women’s sexual boundaries is informed by our lack of care for their sexual pleasure

Much of my life, when I really sit and think of it, I was totally oblivious to the needs and desires of my sexual partners.



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