The Christianity I was taught didn’t align with my values. ‘The Color Purple’ helped me reimagine religion

By Gloria Oladipo Being around family for the various holidays this year has reminded me a lot of... more


It’s past time to quell the remnants of queerphobia begat by colonialism in Africa

With aggressive homophobia so deeply embedded into our culture, I saw queerness and African-ness as a zero sum game, and through the hostility of The Closet and in my desperation to stand in my truth, I was resigned to acquiesce to being only the former, only being queer.


What Black Brits want African Americans to know about race and racism in the U.K.

By Habiba Katsha Race and racism aren’t topics that are spoken about openly enough in the U.K., and... more


How do I admit I’m lonely when this world only values the ones who get ‘chosen’?

A lot of us need a social intervention to re-evaluate what we think romance is and what dating and relationships should look like. A lot of us need to interrogate the behaviors, expectations, and permissions that have become normalized, especially those which are gendered, and even racialized.



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