#UnderHisEye and the erasure of Black women in the carceral system

The dystopian fictive state that white women wish to protect themselves from, that fall of modern social structures, is a knife in the back to the lived horror of countless Black women.


Steve McQueen’s ‘Bear’ is an exploration of intimacies among Black men

'Bear' interrogates the soul of Black men in proximity to one another and asks what occurs in the spaces between us when we quarrel, love, and harm one another.


There’s no such thing as a “progressive prosecutor” in a system designed to criminalize Blackness

Editor’s Note: This month at BYP, we will be exploring Black Liberation & Organizing, and we are... more


How heterosexual Black men project the psycho-sexual traumas of the plantation onto our queer brethren

The burdens of our shame have befallen the bodies of queer Black men, those whose histories we share and who are owed for the horror of our deeds.


BYP x AirGo

  • Black Youth Project joins forces with Chicago podcast, AIRGO, for a year-long series featuring our favorite Black academics and activists. Stay tuned for a new episode... more

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