How targeting Ilhan Omar instead of white supremacy furthered both anti-Semitism & Islamophobia

By Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Margari Hill, Rakel Joseph, and Asha Noor Last... more


We need to make proactive accountability regular praxis in organizing and beyond

While no one is perfect, nor is anyone expected to be, making this small shift to proactive accountability in your thinking, planning, and decisions can make all the difference.


How prison-based thinking warps a lack of empathy for “deserving” victims to harm the vulnerable

Editor’s Note: sexual violence and mention of rape I’ll admit it: I have a sort of macabre... more


Being a “chooser” in a dating field that deems Black women undesirable

When presenting myself as a dating prospect, my checklist took into account the many expectations that men place on women to be seen as attractive.




Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ contends with unresolved trauma, and a host of other unsettling things

The film is a study in the duality of things, from its compelling premise to its seemingly simplistic title. It's “us” as in us, as in people, as in our protagonists and the mysterious beings who uncannily resemble them. Then again, it could be “us” as in us, as in the U.S., as in America.

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