What Black Brits want African Americans to know about race and racism in the U.K.

By Habiba Katsha Race and racism aren’t topics that are spoken about openly enough in the U.K., and... more


How do I admit I’m lonely when this world only values the ones who get ‘chosen’?

A lot of us need a social intervention to re-evaluate what we think romance is and what dating and relationships should look like. A lot of us need to interrogate the behaviors, expectations, and permissions that have become normalized, especially those which are gendered, and even racialized.


I need white women to leave me, my body, and my vote alone from now on

Every election, white women grant themselves access to my body, to my time, and to my vote in the name of progressivism.


The challenges of raising a Black & Native child when they’re seen as mutually exclusive stereotypes

I enjoy the fall season. All year long, I look forward to the cooler weather, the back-to-school hustle,... more



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