‘The Haunting of Hill House’ & the colonial obsession with salvaging a world of suffering for the sake of sanity

Editor’s Note: This essay contains spoilers of season 1 of Haunting of Hill House and discussion of... more


British trans performance artist takes trauma from burger assault and turns it into a call to action with ‘Burgerz’

Burgerz, their newest and perhaps most devastating performance, is borne of Travis’ trauma-fuelled obsession with burgers, after one was hurled at them in broad daylight on a bustling bridge in London


Voting isn’t just “harm reduction” for marginalized people who have to face the consequences

By Brittany Lee Frederick At a rally in Anaheim, California in September of this year Barack Obama was... more


Looking back at Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’, and why Jordan Peele’s reboot will be great

The new show is going to do what the old one did, which is hold up a mirror to our society and let us see who we are, warts and all. Only this time, the mirror is going to feature more people of color.



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