Shame and fear prevent Black teens from going to the gynecologist

Black girls (and those assumed to be girls) are often afraid to seek medical help when it comes to sexual health or reproductive care because of the stigma surrounding their sexuality.


Social stigma and jokes help to create misinformation about herpes

Unfortunately, most people aren’t in a place where they can say the name of one of the most common STIs without laughter, disgust, or both—herpes.


Why Black LGBTQ+ people get upset when our most prominent people show up with white partners

Editor’s Note: This Sexual Health and Awareness month, we will be exploring related issues at BYP, and... more


From John Henry to James Evans: Black men married to hard labor in the white American imagination

From the auction block to the train tracks, we are made men—even in its most limited projection—only by our potentiality with a tool.


BYP x AirGo

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  • Black Youth Project joins forces with Chicago podcast, AIRGO, for a year-long series featuring our favorite Black academics and activists. Stay tuned for a new episode... more

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