Hampton University Business School Dean Bans Cornrows and Dreadlocks

According to a report from Virginia’s ABC news station, Hampton University has banned some of it’s male business students from wearing dreadlocks or cornrows.

Though it only applies to a specific group of students enrolled in a leadership course, it has still caused a great deal of controversy.

But Sid Credle, dean of Hampton’s business school, maintains that such hairstyles prevent students from securing employment once they graduate.

Music is an Instrument for Movements

Music is an instrument for movements. It is an apparatus strategically utilized by those who fight in the name of the struggle. It is a means to an end that places final solutions in the context of what is only a hope of achieving genuine equality. Music is voice, and voices, and collectives who speak truth to a power that never intended to share the advantage. Music is best played by those who use wounded feet to march down streets that whole populations for several generations, were not allowed to walk onto. Streets paved historically that played music to the beat of delicate tensions between those who once oppressed and those who were found to be the oppressor. Music is the songs that come from those who resisted, those who were intimidated but still chose to fight, and those who stood up not only for themselves but also for those who would be singing after them. Music is a tune played by equalizers who organize for the future of babies currently in the wombs on their mothers. It is the rhythm of two steps forward, one step back, but progress detained as the inevitable, as long as those musicians and activist decide to never remain stagnant.

Lupe Fiasco Premieres ‘B*tch Bad” Music Video

Lupe Fiasco recently premiered a music video for his much talked about track “Bitch Bad.”

The video – rife with stark, symbolic imagery – perfectly underscores the track’s examination of  the impact of our cultural obsession with “positive” and “negative” uses of the word bitch.

Speaking with MTVNews, Lupe explained that his goal with “Bitch Bad” was simply to spark much needed conversation.

Have You Seen Gabrielle Swainson?: 15 Year-old SC Cheerleader Has Been Missing for 5 Days

South Carolina police are looking for 15 year-old Gabrielle Swainson.

Swainson was last seen at her home at 3:30am, just before her mother left for work. When her mother returned around 7:15am, she heard the teen’s alarm clock going off, but Gabrielle was gone.

Nothing was taken from the home. The only missing items were Gabrielle’s cell phone, the clothing she was wearing, and Gabrielle herself.

Should You Become a Mentor?

I talk a lot about the girls that I mentor and how they order my steps. I find myself factoring my girls into most decisions that I make. In that way, being a mentor has really changed my life. And I hope that the feeling is mutual. I hope that the girls I call my mentees feel enriched when they leave our meetings, or take my advice when making decisions. But you can never be sure.

Every few months, one of my girls makes a decision that really breaks my spirit. And I grapple with the correct response. I never reprimand. It’s not my job to do so. But should I put myself in their shoes or just provide a supportive shoulder? That is not the only difficult situation that I find myself in with my mentees. But the good times make it all worth the effort, the uncertainty and the pain.

LAPD Caught on Tape Punching Handcuffed 20 Year-Old Skateboarder

Four LAPD officers have been caught on tape punching handcuffed 20 year-old Xavier College student Ron Weekly Jr. in front of his home.

Officers alleged Weekly Jr. was skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. His family contends that he was racially profiled and unneccessarily brutalized.

The video shows Weekly Jr. being punched in the face, even though he was already handcuffed and on the ground. He suffered a broken nose, broken cheek bone, and a concussion from the incident.

13 Year-Old Gangsta Rapper Lil’ Mouse’s ‘Get Smoked’ Video Sparks Outrage


Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, 13 year-old rapper Lil’ Mouse’s music video “Get Smoked” has racked up nearly half a million views on youtube.

But his profanity-laced gangsta rap lyrics – rife with references to drugs, sex, and guns – has sparked outrage on and offline.

Many are pointing to the song’s content, it’s writer’s age, and the surging murder rate in his hometown as serious cause for alarm. But in an interview with NewsOne, P. Noble – the video’s producer – argues Mouse is simply “keeping it real;” detailing the goings on in his community, while making a little money in the process.